Michael Timothy Dieker debuts new musical Run, in one-night-only benefit for Lawrence’s Sexual Trauma & Abuse Care Center

RunLAWRENCE - The roles have been cast, the sets are being built, the costumes are being stitched, and tickets are now on sale for Michael Timothy Dieker’s new musical Run, playing Saturday, July 29 at 7:30pm at Maceli’s, 1031 New Hampshire St., in Lawrence.   
    Run is a never before seen take on the classic heroes journey, with colorful comic book settings and characters, as well as plenty of nods and winks to some favorites in tights (with or without capes), but telling an unforgettable story about a group of regular people learning to survive, create, and fall in love in the aftermath of traumas past and present, and trying to be or become heroes in their own lives.
    Dieker has partnered with the Sexual Trauma & Abuse Care Center for this event in an effort to join the fight and help spread awareness about sexual trauma and abuse, its effects on victim survivors, what can be done to help support them, and what can be done to foster a culture of consent in the community.
    From every $15 ticket sold, $14.25 will go directly to the Care Center.   
    Run explores topics not expected in a musical, like mental health, suicide, sexual assault and abuse, but it always brings things back to a light and colorful comic book place. Its message is one of hope, family, and human resilience.
    The cast includes Timothy Burns, Skye Reid, Andrew Ramaley, Mario Bonilla, Jacob Liles, Alice Dale, Jimmy Uhlemeyer, Scott Olcott, Christian Johanning, and Michael Timothy Dieker.  
    Tickets are on sale at https://macelis.ecwid.com/Run-the-Musical-p83533731. l

28-Feb-18 14

Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.

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