Paula Poundstone to perform at McCain Auditorium at K-State

29-Aug-17 34MANHATTAN - Fresh off the heels of the release of her new book, The Totally Unscientific Study Of The Search For Human Happiness, comedian Paula Poundstone is entertaining audiences across the country, leaving them complaining that their cheeks hurt from laughter and wondering if the random people she talks to are plants. Of course, they never are.
    “On Friday, Sept. 8, I’ll be at the McCain Auditorium in Manhattan, KS. I’ve never been there before. I’ll try not to stare,” Poundstone said of her upcoming performance.
   Poundstone can be heard regularly on NPR’s #1 show, the weekly comedy news quiz Wait, Wait...Don’t Tell Me! When asked about Poundstone, Wait, Wait host Peter Sagal replied, “Paula Poundstone is the funniest human being I have ever known. Everything she does, thinks, or says is hilarious. She is made of funny. If you chopped her into bits, each piece would be hilarious. (But don’t.)”

    Paula added another medium to her impressive repertoire on July 8, when she launched her new weekly podcast – Live From The Poundstone Institute. Joined by a live audience and her Chief of Research and fellow Wait Wait panelist, Adam Felber, Poundstone takes on the research studies that are so odd they just beg for someone to stand up and say “wait, what?!”
    On stage, Poundstone is known for her casual style, smart, observational humor, and a razor sharp spontaneous wit that has become the stuff of legend. Garrison Keillor described her as “The bravest and best improv comic of our time.”
    For everything you ever wanted to know about Poundstone, and some stuff you don’t, check out:
    Her appearance in Manhattan is Sept. 8 at 7:30pm. Tickets range from $20-$50. Call 785-532-6428 for information or tickets or visit l

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Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.

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