Get Your Kink On

Editor’s note: This column may contain content that is offensive to some people.

It’s the new year and it’s time to put into place those New Year’s resolutions. How about a resolution to embrace that deep dark desire for the kinky side of life? I know many of you out there have those desires. Most people do. However, they are just afraid of taking that step in trying.
   What is wrong with trying something new that you have always had a desire or a curiosity about? People have said to me, how do I know I’ll like it? How do you know if you don’t at least try it? We all have desires, try them out. You might be surprised at the results.
    The fun of life is trying new things. This is what makes us wonderfully human, the ability of experiencing things you’ve always wondered about or experimenting with things we are curious about.  
    When we quit trying new things humans become bored and life becomes mundane. So this year let’s spice it up and make a resolution to take a walk on the wild side. Take a taste of the “forbidden fruit” as some folks would say. It’s time to make life fun and exciting.
    If you have a curiosity or fantasy about some kinky thing, please get in touch with me. If I can’t help you I know lots of people around the area who can. We can make it happen for you. And who knows, you just might like it. l

28-Feb-18 14

Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.

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