Stand Our Ground

Editor’s note: This column may contain content that is offensive to some people.

With the current political environment, it brings back sad memories of when not only the gay community was in the closet and shadows, but the Leather and BDSM community as well. While there have been great strides in the LGBT community, we in the Leather/BDSM are still fighting battles.
    Now that battle could be even harder.
    While more and more people are accepting of the LGT community, we in the kink and bisexual community are still looked on with disgust and in some places still risk loss of jobs and loss of children and family.
    There is lots that still needs to be done and there will be lots to do in the future, but one thing we can do now is be who you are. Now you don’t have to go out and throw it in everyone’s face, but just be who you are quietly.
    It took many years where I used to work before people found out that I was a kinky person. And you know what, they had gotten to know me as me and they knew I was a good person so when they found out that I was kinky and in a triad relationship, it wasn’t an issue.
    In fact I was surprised how many people came to me to ask questions. That’s when I figured out that everyone now and then will have some sort of kinky thoughts. The problem is they are just too scared to try it. It was like a friend once said, “I’m afraid to go to the ‘dark’ side because I won’t want to come back.”  
    So as we face what is coming in the near future, we need to stand our ground, be who we are, and continue to fight and promote equality for ALL individuals, no matter who they are or what is their kink!! l

28-Feb-18 14

Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.

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