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Editor’s note: This column may contain content that is offensive to some people.

One of the major elements of the Leather community is our leather women. In the early days of leather, extremely kinky women were allowed into the community. As the years went by, more kinky women found their way into the community. Leather women continue to be a major part of the overall Leather community.
    But what people may not know is that it was these very women who came to our rescue in the early 80’s. It was the time when the AIDS crisis was in full swing. When men were identified with AIDS, their families rejected them and many leather men were left to die alone. It was our leather women who came to help. They cared for us, they comforted us, they supported us, and they buried us. They helped to keep the community going during a time when the Leather community could have just vanished.
    Too many times I hear people make comments that they wish the Leather community would be just men again. Well, sorry to those who yearn for this because it was only in the VERY beginning in the late 40’s early 50’s that it was a men-only community. Leather women have been with us from almost the very beginning and it is a disservice to brush them off so lightly. We owe our lives to these brave women.
    Today the leather women are more a part of our community than they are apart. We have the Women of Drummer, we have Women in Leather Legacy, we have International Ms. Leather and many other organizations dedicated to our leather women. We have bootblack women, we have dominant leather women. They have everything that most people have seen when it comes to just the leather men. They belong to just about every major leather group in the nation. Many of us belong to both our organization and our leather sister organizations.
    The newest of the organizations is Women of Drummer. Here is what they are planning: Women of Drummer is organizing five regional gatherings this summer in Phoenix, Toronto, Kansas City, Portland and Atlanta. We invite our brothers to take part in an afternoon cocktail party and #DNAnagins at each of our regional gatherings.
    Our gatherings will be on a Saturday and include a (1) Leatherwomen’s Round Table Discussion in the morning, (2) #DNAnagins with our brothers in the afternoon, and a (3) Womens’ Play Party in the evening. Tentative dates are as follows: Phoenix, AZ May 20, Toronto, CN June 10, Kansas City, MO June 24, Atlanta GA July 15, and Portland, OR July 29.
    The Women of Drummer Movement is a celebration of our voice, fierceness, hotness and dignity in leather. We encourage ALL self-identified women to join in our activities. This is a movement to represent our fierceness, leather, and support women on their own path. You will find Women of Drummer representatives at many events throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico throughout the year.
    So if you are male or female or anything in between AND you are kinky, there is a place for you in the leather community. Come join us!! l

28-Feb-18 14

Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.

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