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This month I’m veering off from the leather/BDSM and speaking to everyone. July is the month we celebrate the independence of our nation. What I want to say is something more personal. When this nation fought for its independence it was done with resistance and a war. People died so that we can enjoy our freedoms.
    As the LGBT community, we too have fought for our rights. It was also done with resistance. We marched, we did sit-ins, we locked arms. We didn’t fight a war, but we fought, with many getting arrested. And we have come a long way. But the fight is not over yet. Until we see that our rights are wholly secured, we will have to continue to resist, continue to fight.
    When we started our freedom fight, it was just us. But along the way we gathered allies who fought with us and alongside us.
    Well, it’s time we up the ante. We need to expand this fight for justice. We need to fight for the right and the freedoms of ALL marginalized people. This is no longer just about us; this is about ALL of us. We see every day other groups of people who are being stripped of basic rights.  
    Therefore, we need to get more involved, we need to do more resistance, and we need to stand up for others. We need to be willing to get arrested. We need to say enough is ENOUGH. One of the first things that ALL of us can do is vote. We have power when we all vote. We’ve done it before. In our early fight, we went to the polls in droves and elected people who were our allies. We need to continue to do this. Because until we ALL have equality, NONE of us will have equality. l

28-Feb-18 14

Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.

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