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At the end of September there was a news article on one of the TV channels about several teenagers here in Wichita who were playing a “game” of Body Punching. What ended up happening was that one of the youth ended up in the hospital with a bruised internal organ. This alarmed me because when it comes to body punching or Impact Play, as we refer to it, there are some VERY important things you HAVE to know before you engage in this type of play.
    Impact play comes in various forms. Flogging, whipping, and caning are just a few. Probably the most intense is body punching. And for each of those types of play, there are things you have to know to keep the person you are playing with safe.
    Just because you read something on the internet, it does not mean you can just go out and do that type of play. You have to know the safety precautions and procedures. When you’re doing impact play, you NEVER hit a “soft” area. Soft areas are areas not covered by muscle or bone.  And you should never “wrap” a flogger or whip around a body part, even if there is muscle and bone because it causes additional sting that may or may not be wanted.
    These boys in Wichita were doing impact play on soft areas such as in the stomach. You only punch someone there if you are in self-defense mode - never in play mode.
    So, my point about all of this is you HAVE to learn safety regardless of the play you are doing. You learn by going to classes or finding a mentor who teaches you the proper procedures and the yea’s, no’s, do’s and don’ts.
    If you go to a class and they don’t teach safety, run. Never go back to that person who is teaching. Because if they are not teaching how to play safe they are not someone you need or want to be involved with.  If you are mentoring one-on-one, and the person doesn’t teach and show you safety, run. Find another mentor.
    In the Leather lifestyle it’s all about keeping the people you play with safe. We have a saying, “don’t break your toys.” And the person you are playing with is your toy. Injure them and they won’t play with you again. Keep it up and you’ll soon find no one to play with because submissives talk amongst themselves. And if they don’t, they should.
    When I came into this community, all teaching was done by mentorship. It was later that the various clubs starting offering classes because most of our mentors were dead or dying. Mentoring is still the most effective way, in my opinion, to learn.
    However, as an educator, I know it’s important to have classes because you reach more people. So when you are going to classes, always see if they are teaching safety protocols. If they don’t, ASK. Make them answer safety questions. Because if they can’t they shouldn’t be teaching (and yes there are teachers out there who haven’t a clue about safety, it’s all about play).
    And if push comes to shove, you can always ask me. If I don’t know the safety for a particular play that I’m not familiar with or don’t do or teach, I know people where we can get the answer. If it’s something I have knowledge of, I will be more than willing to show and teach you how to play safe. If you need to contact me, I can be reached at l

28-Feb-18 14

Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.

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