The New Year

Well, it’s that time of year again, New Year’s. It’s the time where everyone makes New Year’s resolutions. Well for this year I’m going to suggest something new. Activism. I know you may have your reservations about being an activist. But it’s really quite simple.  
    But, you’re saying you are unable? Or that it may out you? Or someone might find out you’re kinky? Well, you don’t have to be “out” about it. It’s simple.
    So what is this simple activism, you ask? It’s something you might already do. It’s the ability to vote. Yes, it’s that easy. Vote. Vote every time there is an election. Vote for those who will help the community. And when I say community I mean multiple communities. The poor, the marginalized, the LGBT, and the kink communities. Vote for someone who will keep these safe. Vote for someone who supports them. So often people vote on principles that can’t be followed through; such as religion. This is because religious beliefs are personal and are something that can’t be regulated by law.
    Also, what one believes is not necessarily something that someone else will believe. So when you vote, leave out the religious aspect and vote for social justice. Vote for someone who will stand for those who can’t stand for themselves. The homeless, the veterans, the poor, the ill.     Because it is with a vote that we change things. We vote out those who are not listening to those who put them there. We vote out those who are only following or listening to those with money. And we vote in people who will vote for policies that will help the vulnerable.
    So this year, vow to become a voter activist. It’s something you can do in private and it’s something that no one will know about and it’s something that only you will know how you voted.
    If you’re in the kink community, it’s vital that you vote for people who will help to protect your community. Because we are a fringe group and marginalized community we all too often don’t get people who will support us. So we need to vet those who are running for office. We need to ask hard questions to get the right answers. Then vote for those who will do the will of the people. l

28-Feb-18 14

Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.

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