We Are Human

We are human beings. And as such we should expect to be treated as such. It doesn’t matter who we love, or what we do in the bedroom, or who we are sexually. We are just human. And as humans, we should treat those around us just as we would want them to treat us.
    One unique quality of humans is we tend to gravitate to those who we are like or who think like we do. We do this according to sex, sexuality, religion, and values. This is good because when we group together we feel like a part of something and we feel like we belong. While each of us are unique and are separate individuals, we become part of a community of like minds.
    While this can be a good thing, it also can be a bad thing. The bad is when some people try to make others believe or conform to their own personal expectations. People believing that others have to be just like them gets us into trouble. Some forget that we each are all individuals with individual likes, dislikes, needs and wants. When we try to force others to conform to our beliefs, hatred and resentment become a byproduct.
    However, the good we receive in a community is the support from those we are with. The camaraderie and the human need to gather with those we are like.
    Society wanting (or requiring) that we have to accept everyone into our specific communities is driving a wedge between the various communities. What we should be doing is RESPECTING everyone. Respecting each person’s choices. Respecting each person’s beliefs. Respecting each person as a unique and separate individual. With that respect comes different communities. The communities should work together for the good of all, but let’s not force them to have to be one overall community.
    If the kink community was to be forced to be part of the vanilla community, neither would be comfortable. This will cause more problems than if we just each have our own community where we respect the other and work together.
    Along this line are gay men. More and more, across the country, we are experiencing a backlash of gay men who are no longer willing to be an all-encompassing community. Gay men are wanting to have their own specific community which comprises of gay men.
    There is nothing wrong with this. The gay male community should continue to work with other communities, but these other communities need to realize that gay men need and want a separate gathering of like minds.
    As humans we should all work together for the common good of all. We are human. We CAN all get along. We just have to respect each other. If we don’t, chaos will ensue. But if we work together, respecting each other’s differences, we can build a stronger human race. l

28-Feb-18 14

Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.

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