Genetically Dominant or submissive?

I’ve always had an affinity for leather. Having been raised on a cattle ranch and farm, I have always loved the smell of leather. Especially when it became mixed with the sweat of the animal or human that was wearing it. I must have some genetic makeup that makes me like that smell. It has always been a turn-on for me. And the reason I think it’s genetic is because I have found others who feel the same way.  
    I have always been fascinated with genetics. I first learned about dominant and recessive genes when I was in junior high school science class. And being on the farm, I quickly figured out what genetic traits were dominant and what were recessive in all sorts of the farm animals.
    These dominant and recessive genes also play a huge part in the Leather and BDSM community. I truly believe that there are people who are genetically dominant and others who are genetically submissive. It’s just “in their nature” as my mama would say.
    And there has been some research in this area. It’s been determined that some people process pain through pleasure sensors of the body (me). While others (like my sister) who can’t stand pain of any sort.  
    So yes, I do believe that genetics plays a huge part in the Leather community. Not all of us are wired the same and that is what genetics is all about - being wired differently than the person next to you. Other than possibly identical twins, there are no two people who are wired the same. However, with the new DNA testing that’s being perfected, we are beginning to really find out what genetics is all about.
    My sister tests true for COPD, I don’t, but we show up as siblings in a DNA test. My twin aunts showed up as a possible twin with the other. It’s fascinating.
    But what I would really like to know is if there is a gene for dominance and a gene for submissiveness? I guess only through time and more testing will we ever know. l

28-Feb-18 14

Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.

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