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Mama Knows Best - Jan 2017

Dear Mama,
What do you think of Russia hacking into the elections? Concerned voter

Well, I think something needs to be done. This truly means our vote did not count. I am so angry by this I will never have vodka again. Okay, I don’t drink it, but if I did. Putin needs to be punished or something. As for our President-elect he better be on his best behavior the whole world is watching not to mention all us old ladies!

What do you expect the New Year to bring? 2016

Lots of surprises, scandals, and God only knows what else. I suggest we all pay attention to everything in the next year and quit believing all these so-called news stories on social media. It is time we wise up. I’ve been telling Eunice that all her life, but she doesn’t listen! Bring me a beer, Bubba!

Ms. Harper,
Are you all concerned about the new political power about to take over the country? Not signed

Yes, I believe that we need to see what these people will do, if they screw up (as I suspect) then we will deal with it then. If they succeed (like Eunice LOL) then that will be a wonderful surprise for the country and me!! All I can do is pray for us all. It is going to be a very frightening time.
I just love your recipe section, are you going to continue it in the New Year? Betty Crocker

I will continue it until I am told to stop. Then I will not stop and do what the hell I want. Good Lord Betty Crocker use your own damn recipes!

Easy Peanut Clusters

6 oz. of Butterscotch chips
12 oz. of Chocolate chip morsels
12 oz. of Spanish peanuts (no skins)

Melt the chips in a double broiler (do not use the microwave it tends to overcook the chips) then add peanuts. Place spoon full on wax paper and let them set up. Enjoy!! l

28-Feb-18 14

Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.


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