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Mama Knows Best - Sept 2017

Dear Mama,
What do you think of the Orange one’s last announcement? Embarrassed

The man is a freaking moron. He is not qualified to pick up dog poo! He is just trying to divert attention from the healthcare bill. He is not a leader but a tyrant. If we the people do not do something soon, it is going to be too late!  Stand up now I beg of you all!

How can he still be our leader? Not signed

How the hell should I know! It is the greatest mystery of all time. I just cannot believe this is happening in this old lady’s lifetime. I am going to need a lot of beers to get through the next four years. Even Eunice, who is not the smartest, knows he is not qualified. Lord please help us all, I beg of you!

So Mama,
What is your opinion on the wait time in doctors’ offices and the doctors actually doing what they say they are going to do? Fed up

First of all, I believe if they are going to keep us waiting longer than 15 minutes, then put us in the exam room to keep us waiting another 15 minutes or longer, then we should charge them for wasting our time. The going rate should be $5 a minute to charge them. I bet if that was the case there would be hardly any wait time ever.
    As far as the doctors doing what they say they should be charged or written up when they do not follow through. That would be a $100 fine. People need to learn that everyone’s time is important not just their own!

Dear Mama,
When is the next time you will be doing a show? A Fan

I am scheduled to appear Oct. 14 at Club Boomerang for the Wichita Bears La Cage show. I will be letting you know more information when it is available. Thank you for asking.

    Thanks for reading. No recipe this month, Mama’s kitchen is being repainted; Eunice tried to make hard-boiled eggs and burnt my pot and oven up! l

28-Feb-18 14

Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.


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