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Mama Knows Best - Oct 2017

Dear Mama,
What do you think is going on with all this North Korea stuff, all the hurricanes, and now Russia showing off all its military equipment? Very concerned for the world

I think we are in very troubling times. North Korea’s leader is more unstable than Eunice. Russia is going to back-stab Darth Cheeto and that is going to be major trouble.
    All these hurricanes are from up above; they are mad as hell at the U.S.A. for electing an idiot. All you can do is pray or do whatever you do and hope for the best. I am so concerned that I do not even want a beer. Did you hear that Harper Family!

Have the politicians lost their minds in Washington? Not signed

What minds? They never had any. They are going mad! Even my kids are not this bad and that is saying a lot coming from Mama’s lips. Welcome to the “me world!” No one cares anything about anyone only about themselves! I may have a beer if this keeps up.

What do you think of all these videos of the President and his wife and their awkwardness and tiffs?
Any man that treats a woman like Cheeto does is not fit to lead anything. He makes my skin crawl. He is so rude and not nice to her. I guess she puts up with it because of her title and all that money. Not worth it to me. I’d rather drink a beer than look at him. Bubba bring me that beer now!

Mrs. Harper,
Do you think climate change is real or just made up? Deciding

I think anyone that does not consider all areas are just plain dumb. I think it is real and should be considered no matter what that guy with the very bad hair thinks. If you’re truly for the whole country you would look at it all and decide for the better of the whole not just for yourself. Someone call the hairdresser, it is a disgrace!! Oh by the way, this is not a fake column or news! That would be Fox News!

    Thanks for the questions everyone. I will start back up with recipes next month. Don’t forget to catch Mama hosting the Wichita Bears’ La Cage show “Anything Goes” on Oct. 14 at 8pm at Club Boomerang. l

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Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.


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