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Mama Knows Best - March 2018

What can we do about the tragedy in Florida? Heartbroken

Everyone better pull up a chair and a beer. I am sick to my stomach over this. These mass shootings must stop. I know this is a very hot topic with everyone, but we have to do something or we are going to keep losing loved ones! I do not want to take anyone’s guns away from them. I just want some kind of laws to limit criminals and mentally ill  people from getting a firearm so easily.
    Does anyone really need an automatic firearm to protect themselves or go hunting? NO! I have never heard of an animal shooting back at the hunter. Just because we want a law to make it more difficult does not mean it is a solution, but if it could stop some of the mass shootings would it not be worth it?
    My goodness we have to quit thinking about ourselves all the time. These are children’s lives we are losing. These people that don’t see that is what we want, and think we want to take their guns are idiots or too involved in their own gun-loving life they don’t care about anyone else but themselves.
    We have got to make changes. Arming teachers or having guards at school is just asking for an accident to happen. We don’t even pay the teachers enough to teach our kids, now we expect them to be trained and armed. That sounds like a prison not a school.
    Please just open your mind and eyes and see that we want change, not to take your guns away. No one but the military needs automatic firearms. Please people, do not be that selfish individual that will let the next mass shooting happen!
    Let’s come together and figure this out from both sides! We are letting our children, country, and ourselves down. God bless Florida and all the children in the world. Follow those children’s example in Florida and demand change!! l

28-Feb-18 14

Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.


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