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Mama Knows Best - June 2015

Dear Mama,
I am so sick of all the people killing other people and riots and just all of it. How come things like this happen? Distraught

I have never understood why people cannot just get along and mind their own damn business and just be nice to each other. Hell, I don’t even know why the ketchup bottle takes so long to come out. If everyone would accept each other and deal with their own lives we would not have this trouble in the world. But what do I know? I can’t even get Ellen and Eunice to get along.
Who do you think should run for the next President of the United States? Not Signed

It better be someone intelligent, determined, honest, and strong. So, that narrows it down quite a bit. A WOMAN! Oh, everyone just shut up! You know I’m right! It won’t be any worse than some of the so-called men we have had in office.

What is your take on Bruce Jenner, Mama? Stirring the Pot

Good grief! First, Bubba bring me a beer (gulp). I have always tried to have an open mind. I say to each his/her own. I think if he truly is a woman then go for it. Frankly, I think living with those Kardashian women has done a number on Bruce’s mind. My God, have you seen some of the things they wear and what they put on their Christmas cards? I wasn’t aware that there was a mule in the stable scene that night, let alone a jackass. No wonder Bruce wants to be a different person to get away from that family.

Are we going to float away with all this rain? Singing in the Rain

Okay, now I am going to sound like an old person. No, we will not float away, because we need the rain. There I got that out of my system. Rain is good, but enough already! Make it stop! I am not singing in it nor will I. Better get the lumber for that ark.

    Thank you for all the questions, Kansas. Stay dry, and have a safe, fun summer. 

28-Feb-18 14

Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.


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