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Mama Knows Best - July 2015

Dear Mama,
Do you have trouble when you find a good pair of pantyhose or a bra, and then when you go to buy another pair, they have changed the style or quit making it all together?  Bra Less

Amen, sister! I go through this all the time. I wish the morons that make bras and pantyhose would just leave the style and design alone. It is so frustrating to find something you like, then not be able to find it again. It has to be a man running the company. Not only do they change it, they charge too dang much. It is a wonder why I drink. Just My Size, my ass!
What is it with people driving in the passing lane on the highways? I thought it was against the law. Not signed

Because they are idiots! I believe that driver’s education should be mandatory in this country. No one knows how to merge or exit on the highways, let alone drive in the left-hand lane. Do not even get me started on cell phones. Good Lord, your car is not a damn phone booth. Just drive!!

Mrs. Harper,
Do you have trouble with your cell phone? No Answer

Lord help me, my damn phone has a mind of its own. It’s like a man - does what it wants and does not care about my needs. It may have the largest network in the nation but 4G is a bunch of horse manure. My phone adds contacts and deletes pictures, and I do not even touch it. I miss landline phones. Back then you could at least slam the receiver down. I can’t even hang up on Eunice anymore.

What do you think of this “Go Fund Me” website? Not signed

I believe it could be a very good thing for legitimate situations. Like everything else in this country someone has to abuse it and use it incorrectly. Some of the things I have seen on this site are just bull crap. I am not funding some idiot that wants to go to Florida to spy on his girlfriend. People, get a freaking clue. There should be a button on the site for stupid stuff like that that you can push instead of donating money it sends them a message that says, “Go fund yourself!” Maybe I should set up a Go Fund Me account for a new pair of pantyhose - those suckers are expensive! Go get a job people!!

    Have a safe and fun 4th of July! Thanks for the questions, Kansas!

28-Feb-18 14

Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.


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