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Mama Knows Best - April 2016

Dear Mama,
How do you deal with this Kansas wind? Wind Blown

I buy the biggest can of Aquanet I can find and the sturdiest scarf and a six pack of beer. I suggest moving to a less windier climate like Russia. Get the hell over it, there is wind everywhere!

I am so sick of the election stuff. How do you get through it? Not Signed

I turn off the news, put down the paper, sign off social media, and put in my best Big Band music CD and crank it up. I also have a few beers. Most of the idiots running are morons so why listen to all their lies? Bunch of damn boobs trying to fool people!

What is wrong with Gov. Brownback? Moving to Canada

Wake up and smell the coffee! He is the biggest disappointment since Mama’s Family was canceled. He is also a Koch puppet and an idiot. Sure move to Canada and run away when things get tough. Act like a person with a backbone and stay and fight for what is right! Brownback is just another word for bullshit. We need to clean up the politicians in this country once and for all!

Hi Mama,
Where is the best place to meet people? Looking

Well good Lord! That depends on what kind of people you want to meet. If it is idiots you want to meet, go to a Donald Trump rally. If you want to meet morons, then come visit my family. If you want to meet single people, then go to speed dating. If you want to meet nice, kind, caring, and good-looking people then go to a gay bar. If you want to meet Eunice I will arrange for the marriage. I want her out of my house!!

    Thank you for all the questions. Keep them coming! l

28-Feb-18 14

Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.


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