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Mama Knows Best - June 2016

Dear Mama,
How do you deal with your family when they are being idiots? Wanting to be adopted

Well good Lord! Almost everyone has this problem. You just deal with them or ignore them. We do not get to pick our family, but we are stuck with them. Believe me, I have Eunice, Vinton, and Naomi. This is why I drink beer occasionally. Just get the hell over it.

What is the deal with all the rude drivers lately? Road Rage

It does seem like there are more of them. I tell you what it is. More and more people are so self-involved that they think they are the only person in the world. To fix this we need to start disciplining our children and or spanking the ungrateful brats. We also need to take away their damn cell phones. I am going to look into buying a tank to drive. Then we will see how rude people will be!

Dearest Mama,
Do you have big vacation plans for the summer? Not Signed

Wake up and smell the coffee! I am an old lady on a fixed income. The only plans I have is the white sale at Niedermeyer’s in the Raytown Mall. Bubba bring me a beer!

Hey Mama,
I do not have a question but a suggestion. I think at the end of your column you should start putting a recipe for some dish or dessert that you make. We all have heard what a great cook you are. I just thought this would be fun. Chef

Well, you know that might be a good idea. I tell you what, I may do that in the next issue. I also know that this person calling themselves Chef is really Roselle Humplander from the Church Ladies League trying to get my recipe for Million Dollar Fudge. Well forget it chubs you’re not getting it!! But the recipe idea is good one!

    Thank you Wichita for all the support and questions. Have a great summer! l

28-Feb-18 14

Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.


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