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Mama Knows Best - Sept 2016

Dear Mama,
Do you think Congress should be limited on the terms they serve? Concerned About the USA

I definitely believe they all should be limited to one year then out with them and in with the new. That way no one gets too comfortable with that office. This will help with confusing the lobbyists; they won’t know who is where. This is what they do in my church group. No one sits in a position too long! Have you ever sat in the pews at church? It hurts your back end sitting too long.

What do you think about national stores having customers order online and go pick it up? Not signed

I think it is a good idea for people with disabilities and the elderly. I also like it for convenience for people having a rushed day. I believe it’s a bad idea for people who are just damn lazy about going to the store. Yes, that’s right Naomi, I’m talking about you. Put down that beer and get off your butt and go to the store. Good Lord, please have them move out of the basement!

Did you know September is National Honey Month? Time Watcher

I did not know that! Are we supposed to buy and eat honey all month? Did you also know that September is National Prostate Health Month? I’m sure all the men are not going to run out and get that checked. What a pain in the rear! Thanks for this information reader. Bubba bring me a beer!

Dear Mama,
Are you watching the Olympics? Not signed

No, I do not watch the Olympics. I wish them all the luck in the world. I will watch it when they put activities in the Olympics that I can relate to. Here are just a few I would watch: Walker Race (over 70), Lil Rascal Scooter Marathon (for seniors of all ages), Broken Hip Mall Walker Race, and finally the Metamucil Chugging Contest. Now that would be some good competition to watch! They could air it on the AARP channel.

    Thank you to all the readers and Wichita for being so great. l

28-Feb-18 14

Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.


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