What's New at The Center - August 2016

Welcome to The Center of Wichita, South Central Kansas and Wichita’s LGBT Center.
    From the Center Library, this month’s book review: Ceremonies Of The Heart: Celebrating Lesbian Unions by Becky Butler.
    Whether you are preparing a ceremony of your own or simply want to look into the lives of lesbians who have taken this affirming step Ceremonies of the Heart is the perfect book to read and study. Filled with ideas on creating unique rituals, the book describes transformative experiences of 27 lesbian couples who celebrated their relationship in various ways - from gala weddings with gowns and cake to a Buddhist event under desert skies. A book that says, “YES!” to lesbian culture and to a new definition of family.
    The youth group, Get Connected has just completed its summer education series where they had various LGBTQA individuals come in and share their experiences about how they knew or figured out they were either straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, asexual, or two-spirit.     Kid’s Connect is still looking for more families of non-gender conforming children. This is a support group for the parents and a social group for the kids. Pre-K-5th grade. Check them out at www.facebook.com/KidsConnectCenterofWichita and/or see the article in this issue for more information. l

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Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.