What's New at The Center - Oct 2016

This month The Center of Wichita celebrates its sixth year!! Can’t believe this all started six years ago!
    Sally from the library had the following input this month: She is adding a study to the Counselor-School section of the Center Library that has some very interesting data concerning what happens to LGBTQ youth when they have no support at home, at school (no alliances, no anti-bully programs, no protections, no designated bathrooms, no teacher, counselor, principal support) and little community help (such as one recent home opening up with 15 beds for the homeless youth living on the streets.)  In this particular state suicide rates have doubled in the 15-19 year old age group since 2011.  
    What research has shown is that the single largest factor in teen and young adult LGBTQ people is family acceptance vs. rejection. The following items contribute to these high suicide rates: 1) Not allowing their child to socialize with other LGBTQ youth. 2) Not allowing their child to participate in supportive organizations such as a GSA. 3) Not addressing bullying that their children face when they are perceived as LGBTQ. 4) Not protecting their child against derisive comments about LGBTQ people by uninformed relatives or family friends. 5) Not providing a family climate where a child feels safe to come out to their parents. 6) Endorsing statements or comments that make a child fear they will be kicked out of their home or will lose their families if they come out.
    Unfortunately, these behaviors and attitudes are commonplace in some families.  l

(This information is from The LGBTQ Crisis-Responding To The Empirical Research On Suicide)

28-Feb-18 14

Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.