What's New at The Center - Nov 2016

Great news with the Center. The Kids Connect group is growing!! Kids Connect is for non-conforming kids pre-K-5th grade and their parents. We knew it would be a slow process, but more and more parents are starting to contact us and are coming to the support group! If you or someone you know needs support for themselves and/or their non-conforming child, please contact us at kidsconnect@thecenterofwichita.org.
    Get Connected, our tween group grades 6-12th continues to have great attendance. With the start of school, we always tend to slow down, but our numbers are remaining quite consistent! Which is great news. If you know of any LGBTQIA kids who just want to be themselves and hang out with others, Get Connected is a great place to be. Contact us at thecenterofwichita@gmail.com.
    WiTCoN continues to be active in the community helping to educate folks on transgender issues.
    The Wichita LGBT Health Coalition is looking to revamp the Health Coalition website. We are looking for gay-friendly medical providers in the Southeast and Western sections of the state. If you know of any health professional anywhere in the state who has gay-friendly policies, please have them contact us at www.wichitalgbthealth.org where they can request to be added to the site.
    And from The Center Library: A “coming-of-age coming out story” which was released in time for National Coming Out Day last month.
    Either Way: A Story of a Gay Kid. “From Day One I Knew There Was Something Different About Me,” by Sandra Levins, illustrated by Euan Cook, 80 pages, located in the Center’s Library Teen Section.
    Inside Either Way, you will find three stories braided into one: a coming-of-age coming out story, a lesson on civil rights and marriage equality, and historical fiction about a gay man in the military. And you will read how Cael comes out as gay, comfortable and confident with who he is.
    Either Way is a graphic novel that teaches teens about the history of gay rights in America while emphasizing the recurring theme that, “It’s okay to be gay, or not. Either way, it’s okay.”
    Cael sets out to find out who he is—something he wants to know more than anything. With the help of a trusted teacher, a new friend, and his favorite book, he discovers what he knew all along.
    Look at our updated website, www.thecenterofwichita.org and see some of the changes we are working on! There is more to come as we work to totally revamp. l

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Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.