Gay foster family found for starved dog

01-Nov-17 21WICHITA - The picture that accompanied the first story in the Wichita Eagle was too horrible to look at. The pit bull puppy’s rib cage looked barely attached to her legs with a thin layer of skin - she looked like she couldn’t possibly be alive.
    Aadya was left for dead in an alley with a corn cob lodged in her bowels. The emergency vet estimated that she hadn’t eaten in almost two months. Beauties and Beasts rescued Aadya and Mark Walker and Jeff Mosch took her in as foster parents to help her recover. “I think she can’t believe someone loves her, pets her and will take care of her,” Wallker told the Eagle.
    They are sharing her recovery through a Facebook group called Aadya’s Journey.

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Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.