April 2017

Let’s try not to be an April fool as a bunch of planets hover in and out of Aries. The Sun, retro Venus, retro Mercury and Uranus all conspire to upend our carefully balanced world. Hold onto your hearts, heads and balance. Whoops!

 ARIES   (MAR. 21 - APRIL 20)
Proud Rams are at once both supremely confident and increasingly apprehensive about their next big move. The reason for the uncertainty is that you might be taking two steps forward in your personal goals only to have to go one step back. This dance might continue for the next few weeks, but I am confident that fairly soon you will get back into graceful rhythm.  
TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Try not to rely on your intuition now, queer Bull. You will just get lost in confusion and conflicting vibes. Rely instead on your own good common sense and don’t over react to perceived slights. Life will continue to be very interesting and a little stressful for a while, but you can find ways of unwinding and totally relaxing. Anyone we know?
GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Large gatherings and friendly confabs will produce more stress than enjoyment, at least for a couple of weeks. There might be miscommunication or misunderstandings that can upset you or others. So for those pink Twins who crave company and companionship, keep it small - try to reach out to close confidantes and romantic partners. The less, the merrier, at least for now.
CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)  
As much as you want to be appreciated for all of your hard work and political acumen, it is not a good time to approach your boss. Gay Crabs are advised to wait for a lull in the corporate intrigue - some of which is still unfolding. Keep your motives secret. Keep your ambitions under wraps. There will be time for your big takeover in a few weeks. Now just plot.
LEO   (JULY 24 - AUG. 23)
Proud Lions may have itchy paws and want to travel the world. But content yourself with planning for a trip in the future. Any large venture could hit a snag, get you lost in the weeds or prove to be disappointing in some way. But there is a lot you can happily do closer to home including discovering some local hot spots. So keep your sunny side up and follow the sun virtually for now.
VIRGO   (AUG. 24 - SEPT. 23)
Hot-blooded queer Virgos may lose steam in the love department now. It may be that you have your signals crossed with lovers or the one you want is the one you cannot have right now. Confusion may cloud your better judgment. Others may think that you are coming on too strong. Cool your jets while you check yourself in the mirror. Is that spinach in your teeth?
LIBRA   (SEPT. 24 - OCT. 23)
Be clear about your expectations when it comes to certain relationships. There are those who want to control you and make you feel guilty for being more independent. The secret to your romantic success is to carefully balance your needs with the needs of others. Sometimes you will do it beautifully and other times you may upset the balance. So what? Go on, proud Libra.
SCORPIO   (OCT. 24 - NOV. 22)
Just when you thought that you had everything and everyone under your control, your job could become more stressful. But you can handle it, queer Scorp, even if there are times when you feel that you can’t. Colleagues may be jealous of your successes or projects come at you fast and furious. Take it all in stride and, if you can, plan a short escape . . . or a verrry long lunch!
As much as you might try to conjure up inspiration, nothing may manifest. If life becomes boring, blame it on the fates and let your genius slide for a few days. Gay Archers love a good time. If you are having trouble finding one, use your energies in more productive or lucrative ways. Ready to clean out the garage? You may find a fortune in old paint there.
CAPRICORN   (DEC. 23 - JAN. 20)
Pink Caps find that family issues could whip up into an emotional storm that cannot be easily controlled. If so, resolve to place yourself outside of the frenzy. What makes better sense is to find ways of de-stressing and relaxing at home. Don’t do anything strenuous like redecorating or renovating. But other strenuous activities with a certain someone might work well. Ahem.
AQUARIUS   (JAN. 21 - FEB. 19)
Do you have something important to say that just cannot wait? Try to wait, Aqueerius, until your thoughts can be crafted so that others actually listen and comply. That may take a couple of weeks. In the meantime, think your thoughts, talk to yourself and find ways of doing what you need to do without the approval of others. Keep quiet counsel for now.
PISCES   (FEB. 20 - MAR. 20)
Money may come and go, go, go this month as what you want may be too expensive or not worth the cost. Guppies should keep a closer eye than usual on their finances now. Gather good advisers, do your own research and follow your gut. But hold off on any big fiscal decision-making until the fiscal fog clears and your goals are carefully crafted. Be stingy now.

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Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.


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