August 2017

August brings with it an array of surprises from the ridiculous to the sublime. We have five retrograde planets which can make us feel like we are schlepping along to the same old tune. Chin up, compadres. This too shall pass.

 ARIES   (MAR. 21 - APRIL 20)
No matter how hard you think you are working, the fates seem to add baggage to your load. Proud Rams with a need to succeed should seek their affirmations in more cosmic places. Dream a dream and see how your good vibes can carry you over the Rainbow. Leave the worldly signs of success for the winter months when you burn brightly.
TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Travel is not all it is cracked up to be now, queer Bull. But that doesn’t mean that you should stay home and hide away. However, it does mean that you should expect any big journey out of your comfort zone to have its share of upends and surprises. So try to be flexible, keep your good sense of humor and prepare for an exciting time. Whoops!
GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
No sooner do you think your love life has hit a high note than the music tempo can change. You can go from a tango to disco in a flash. Pink Twins might be tempted to check out a few platonic relationships to kindle their romantic flame. Do what you will with any willing partner, but don’t be surprised if this is a short-term fling. Hey, whatever stokes your passion.
CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)  
There are several areas of your life that will have surprises and realizations now, gay Crab. You may ache for a meaningful relationship. One can be had, but it may not necessarily result in your slice of heaven. Compromise is required, along with a tolerance for some surprising personal habits. It may feel like a dream when it starts. Just wait until you wake up . . .
LEO   (JULY 24 - AUG. 23)
There are many job-related tasks that seem to not only be ongoing but are beginning to pile up. So don’t run yourself down now, proud Lion. You are in need of a respite from all of your daily stresses. Expect some small ailments or accidents that will indicate to you that you need to slow down. But the world keeps turning and so do you. How deep will you drill? Let’s. Just. See.
VIRGO   (AUG. 24 - SEPT. 23)
Fun may be more trouble than it is worth now, queer Virgo. That is because you seem to take on all of the responsibility for planning, launching and even cleaning up. Delegation is vital. Who knows, with the extra time you have, you can focus more on your love life and a certain you-know-who. That is, of course if they are not busy arranging your parties.
LIBRA   (SEPT. 24 - OCT. 23)
Any home-related project may not go as smoothly as you expect and hope. Proud Libras with a long housekeeping to-do list should expect that few tasks will be crossed off that list in the next month or so. Instead of trying to get everything done, give yourself a needed break and spend your time on things that bring you a sense of satisfaction. No names please!
SCORPIO   (OCT. 24 - NOV. 22)
While you are usually very eloquent, this may not be the time to test your personal persuasion. The things you say could be misunderstood or not have the impact or intent you expect. The world may just not be listening to you and this may play out unexpectedly at work. So don’t sweat it, queer Scorp. Just let your actions speak louder and prouder than your words.  
Gay Archers are usually very generous and may even be feeling flush, but your inclination to spend may be ill-advised right now. You may not get what and who you pay for. Some investments may be too risky. Hold off on your splurges, if possible, and focus instead on loving relationships that don’t require a down payment. Sometimes cheap and tawdry will do the trick.
CAPRICORN   (DEC. 23 - JAN. 20)
If you think that you are making a great impression, you may want to check yourself out in the mirror first. Pink Caps may step on some toes as they try to get into certain select circles. But your careful nature and diplomatic abilities protects you from any severe popularity gaffs. Let’s just say that it will take you a little longer than expected to rule.
AQUARIUS   (JAN. 21 - FEB. 19)
Surprises may occur from the most unexpected places so be on your toes, Aqueerius. There are some people who may be plotting to upend your long-term and greatly cherished plans. Be ready for anything and anyone. But don’t succumb to paranoia. Believe and expect that the cosmos has your back and anything tried can be foiled. Goodness will prevail.
PISCES   (FEB. 20 - MAR. 20)
Guppies may find that large groups will cramp their style for the next few weeks. Expecting a crowd to go along with your plans may be a tough sell. So if you find that you need to go it alone or with only a few close bosom buddies, do that and be happy. You will not only travel faster, but will have more opportunity to attract a completely new fan base.

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Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.


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