October 2017

Celebrate October with a robust, raucous roomful of rowdiness. Our social life goes into overdrive and becomes BOOtiful. So start revving your engines and see where your engine takes you.

 ARIES   (MAR. 21 - APRIL 20)
Most of your time will be spent on forming and solidifying relationships now. Proud Rams will learn what is expected of them and if they are up to the task. Those with a wandering eye could get it poked. Those with the desire to cocoon will nuzzle in the right position. Those who are on the prowl could get caught. See who and what you want and go, go, go for it.
TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
If there are a few nit-picky tasks that need to get done, don’t procrastinate, queer Bull. Dive right in. You will be given a rare opportunity to enlist the help you need and will have the energy to see even the most onerous project started and completed. Once your work is done, you can focus your efforts on working on a certain you-know-who. Oh NOW the work begins!
GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Pink Twins are on everybody’s “to do” list now. So prepare for your social calendar to fill up quickly. The challenge here is to prioritize and attend only those events and parties that give you your added satisfaction. Don’t waste your time with those who do not have your best interests at heart. Affirmation is the keyword here. Search accordingly.
CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)  
Gimme shelter, gay Crab. Right now you must concentrate on how you can make your home environment more comfortable and more in sync with how you want to live. You may consider moving or doing some renovation that’s totally new and different. But think twice before you paint your house completely hot pink. Some ideas are worth reconsidering for now . . .
LEO   (JULY 24 - AUG. 23)
No matter what you say, you will be considered smart and eloquent. Milk it for all it is worth, proud Lion. You’ve been ruminating on some heavy stuff and creative solutions. So express yourself, revealing tantalizing tidbits of your brilliant ideas. Who knows what can happen when it catches the imagination of a mover and shaker. It might just move and shake you in the right body parts.
VIRGO   (AUG. 24 - SEPT. 23)
If you can concentrate on your dollars, it might eventually all make sense. Queer Virgos are practical souls, but they can spend with abandon when they want to. And you may want to right now. If you can manage to save a few pennies for a rainy day, you will find that you will feel much more secure and confident in the next few months. Oh, do I feel a raindrop?
LIBRA   (SEPT. 24 - OCT. 23)
This is your time to shine, proud Libra. You find that it is easy to get in front of the most important compadres in the room and showcase your talents. Need I say, don’t be shy? Be sure that you get out and meet and greet. Any door that has been previously closed to you suddenly opens. Stop peering into the window hoping for an opportunity. It is here.
SCORPIO   (OCT. 24 - NOV. 22)
If things seem a bit too mysterious, just bide your time and observe how things unfold and manifest. You think that some of these secrets can send you on an entirely different life course. But maybe it is all sound and no fury. Maybe it is a red herring designed to lead you astray. But your curiosity is definitely piqued. Surprise, queer Scorp!
There will be a lot of activities centered around friends and organized activities now, gay Archer. You will have to decide how much you want to be involved in the planning and launching. But you are all in or all out. If you decide to let others take charge, don’t complain about the choice of activity. A night of nude charades and bacon grease never hurt anyone.
CAPRICORN   (DEC. 23 - JAN. 20)
Pink Caps are fairly ambitious and now you can begin to see how your career path is unfolding. If you believe that your road needs paving or a detour, this is the time to plan it. Sometimes you need to take a step back and survey the landscape. Only then can you see the potholes. Ask advice from a wise advisor then make your big move. Stand back world!  
AQUARIUS   (JAN. 21 - FEB. 19)
If you have a hankering to travel, this is a great time to do so. Aqueerians are inquisitive folks and now your curiosity can be sated in exotic and unusual locales. If time and money are tight, try to find interesting things to do and see closer to home. Sometimes all we need is a walk into a new part of town, a foreign movie and a spicy dinner companion.
PISCES   (FEB. 20 - MAR. 20)
Sexy Guppies are ready for anything and anyone. You exude charm, panache and pure animal magnetism. Grr, use it to your advantage and see how you can cultivate a meaningful and loving relationship that will last well into the future. For those currently in a relationship, amp up the activity and show your partner that you care . . . a lot!

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Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.


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