January 2018

January brings a bang for our buck as four planets square volcanic retrograde Uranus. Whatever drives your plans, whatever speeds your goals, expect a surprise and a possible detour. Be careful of falling rock zones.

 ARIES   (MAR. 21 - APRIL 20)
Your career may be due for a massive change or adjustment as your carefully planned professional path suddenly shifts. But don’t panic, proud Ram. Sometimes the fates deliver just what you need most, even if it requires greater patience and balance on your part. You may ultimately be happily surprised at the direction your life takes when you go with the cosmic flow.
TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Expect a shocking revelation to cross your path that will not only shake up your world view, but also catapult you into international fame . . . or something like that. Queer Bulls like their comfortable space, but the fates now conspire to launch you into Outer space. Will you rub elbows with exotic celebrities? Will you hobnob with global glitteratis? Oh whoohoo!
GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Pink Twins can be forgiven if they mistake a friendly signal for a more passionate one. You think that things are on an even keel, but your love boat can tip. Keep a sense of humor as your platonic and intimate relationships get mixed up. Who knows what can happen when the excitement builds in intensity and passion. Will you get caught with your pants down? Let’s hope so!
CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)  
Trying to balance your career obligations with those of a partner’s can result in a big to-do. Stress can build. Everyone wants something big and time-consuming from you and it may get totally out of hand. Gay Crabs can tip the scales if they try too hard to please everyone. My advice is to only please yourself. Others will simply have to adjust.
LEO   (JULY 24 - AUG. 23)
Get your priorities in order, proud Lion. Then forget the whole thing as priorities shift and take on a wacky life of their own. You may decide to escape from all of your responsibilities and explore new vistas and make new discoveries. Some things that you will discover will be surprising. But that is what happens when you take a calculated risk. No risk, no reward, honey.
VIRGO   (AUG. 24 - SEPT. 23)
Fun will have a way of getting totally out of hand before you realize it. Queer Virgos are invited to all of the hot parties and big events. It may be too much all at the same time. But that is what will make your life so exciting, extra romantic and completely creative. Go with the gay flow and see where you wash up on shore. Will it be a sand bar?
LIBRA   (SEPT. 24 - OCT. 23)
This seems like the right time to make some big domestic decisions. But any decision you make could be in store for a change or a reappraisal. Consider what you really want in a relationship, proud Libra. Then toss it out the window because the fates have other plans for you. Ever hear about a liberal Democrat marrying a conservative Republican? Just wait!
SCORPIO   (OCT. 24 - NOV. 22)
You will try to be very clear in your instructions at work. But be prepared for no one really understanding or listening to you. Chalk it up to the stars, gay Scorp, and give your bossing around a rest. It will be better for you to de-stress and relax at work if you can. Let others do their thing and you do yours. Ultimately it will thing up together. I think.
As much as you love having a good time, check your budget to see if your partying ways are affordable to you now. Everyone wants you in their corner. Gay Archers are known for their generosity, but at some point you have to view the bottom line. Things will have a way of getting totally out of hand. Maybe that is how you really like it??
CAPRICORN   (DEC. 23 - JAN. 20)
You will find yourself in the center of all of the attention now, pink Cap. This can feel great or make you feel a bit uncomfortable. The main thing is that you have an escape sanctuary when you can rest, meditate and recharge. But your home life may be more excitable than you would like right now.  What to do? See where life leads. Maybe to the top. Maybe to the bottom.
AQUARIUS   (JAN. 21 - FEB. 19)
As much as you would like to keep a secret, there will be many chances for you to accidentally spill the beans. So forgive yourself in advance for any indiscretions and try to forget anything that you cannot share. You might also not be as eloquent as you would like to be. Aqueerians can speak from the heart. But beware giving others heartburn.
PISCES   (FEB. 20 - MAR. 20)
You feel very popular now, but be a bit wary about lending or spending with friends. Your money could evaporate faster than you think as the festivities rev up and everyone joins in. Pals mean well, but they can get you totally caught up in the moment (and the expense) of fun. Join in, but try not to boss the course of events, Guppie. You will wind up with the bill.

28-Feb-18 14

Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.


Leather Life